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Culture Academy aims to contribute;

  • to the creation of a platform for international cultural science and management research in Turkey and the Turkish world, and thus a meeting, sharing, interaction, critical, creative, analytical and productive platform for scientists,

  • to the proliferation of applied culture projects with high value and impact that will increase the visibility, representation and presentation of Turkish culture on international platforms,

  • to the discussion of the theoretical and practical dimensions of the strategic importance of interactions between cultural creative industries and cultural heritage and memory in achieving sustainable environmental, social, cultural and economic development goals,

  • to increasing social usefulness and productivity by producing new, creative and contemporary products, services and interactions from research materials got from traditional culture-based cultural studies,

  • to the establishment of a contact area that can bring together cultural scientists and the sectors, fields and workforce that make up the cultural creative industries,

In this context, Culture Academy aims to develop, activate and disseminate international scientific cooperation and expert community with new, creative and original methods, approaches, data, publications, projects, programs and policies, depending on the changes and transformations in cultural science and management researches in life and culture.

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